Vaidya Abhay Mishra

Mission Disease Free LIfe

Vaidya Abhay is the Managing Director & CEO, JivanAmrit Ayurveda. He is the 4th Geneartion Vaidya. 

“आयुर्वेद युक्त रोग मुक्त भारत”

About Vaidya Abhay Mishra

Now, the legacy of treating patients with skilful, time tested and self-prepared medicine is now being passed on to his grandson, Vaidya Abhay Narayan Mishra who is pursuing his graduation in Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicines and Surgery (BAMS). He is a YouthVaidya and an entrepreneur.

He carries a vision of benefiting mankind with the services of JivanAmrit. Under his supervision, JivanAmrit has launched many initiatives in order to promote Ayurveda globally. Jivan Amirt has influenced a handsome number of people to give up on their sedentary lifestyle and inculcate Ayurveda as part of their life.

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