About JivanAmrit

6 Decades of Serving the Nation

Jivanamrit is a wellness brand working with an initiative to enhance the standard of living in terms of the health of every Indian. With the vision of a disease free and healthy India, we have begun our works in the field of health and has emerged as the fastest growing wellness firm in India. The foundation of Jivan Amrit was laid back on 10th June in the year 1968 by Late Vaidya Ramshabd Mishra. He passed on his teachings and time tested knowledge to his next generation Vaidya Kedarnath Mishra. He very skillfully practices Ayurveda by the blessings of his father and great Acharyas of Ayurveda. Now, the legacy of treating patients with skillful, time tested and self prepared medicine is now being passed on to his grandson, Vaidya Abhay Mishra who is pursuing his graduation in Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicines and Surgery (BAMS).  He is a youth Vaidya and an entrepreneur. He carries a vision of benefiting the mankind with the services of Jivan Amrit. Under his supervision, Jivan Amrit has launched many initiatives in order to promote Ayurveda globally. His skillful endeavors, utter devotion and ambition for ayurveda is highly appreciable.


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